“We learned so much from the guest speakers and had wonderful conversations with other folks in the industry from all over the world. So much learning and so much fun in a couple of days. Don’t miss this.”  - Pam and Merrill, Cedar Ridge Ranch

Fusion and innovation go hand in hand: share ideas with vendors & delegates from across the globe!

"Easy tips and small improvements in your glampsite can be overlooked without an outsiders fresh perspective. Utilizing the network through the Glamping Summit offered me opportunities to improve my space with minimal effort.” - Mackenzie O'Donnell, Mendocino Magic

“The first Global Glamping Summit offered an awesome opportunity to connect and share with engaged folks passionate about shaping the next iteration of outdoor hospitality.” - Scott Hale, Brand New Stay

Glamping is now a global phenomenon

There’s a $1.3 trillion consumer market looking for one-of-a-kind experiences to connect with the natural world around them.

The Global Glamping Summit brings together everything you need to share your love of the great outdoors and claim your share of the market.


  • Snag the latest products and exclusive discounts
  • Get tips for success from experienced hosts


  • Obtain profitable & timesaving business solutions
  • Develop your unique business value proposition


  • Meet like-minded people and share passion for the outdoors
  • Embrace the community and network that will help your business grow


  • Explore your next level business goal
  • Turn your visions into reality

The Global Glamping Summit brings it all to you from across our International Glamping Business Community.



The emerging outdoor tourism community thrives off the knowledge and perspectives of those who are experiencing it first-hand. Join speakers who’ve successfully charted these waters as the earliest of early adopters, founders of the American Glamping Association and other established professionals with unmissable insights on how you can make the most of this growing industry.

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