Discover if glamping is the perfect business for you

The Global Glamping Summit is a unique platform uniting anyone who feels passionately about the extraordinary outdoors.

Glamping has created new markets, attracted new demographics, spawned new business models and has fundamentally changed the way that travellers view outdoor accommodation.

It’s about access to nature, and the great appreciation of it. The diverse landscape of North America means that nothing is unacheivable – if we know how reach it. We at the Global Glamping Summit hope to give you an access all areas to the latest and best in the world of glamping.

What can you expect?

  • Essential learning and understanding about the key developments in a very fast growing sector
  • Networking with the world’s glamping pioneers. Hear from those who have taken the leap with great success and innovation
  • Take away new ideas – whether you are an established market player or thinking about taking a leap
  • Navigate the regulatory, legal and practical hurdles that face the industry – now and over the next 5 years
  • Get creative – dive into new ways of offering unique glamping experiences – whether this be a new facility, new activity or even a new method of marketing. It’s all about keeping it fresh

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