Speaker’s Voice: Brian Abe, The Glamping Co.

Brian Abe is Owner of The Glamping Co. which provides beautiful and comfortable guest accommodations in Colorado’s natural spaces, on both public and private lands. Brian also sits on the board of the Colorado Agritourism Association.

Q. What drives your passion and enthusiasm for the industry?

There is a divide between rural and urban communities. I also see that there is a strong desire among city dwellers to get out into nature, and a complimentary desire that farmers and ranchers to share and pass on their lifestyle and knowledge to others. I see glamping and agritourism as a way of creating connection that fulfills on these complimentary desires.

Q. Do you think the term Glamping can be easily misunderstood? If so – why?

I think that the term Glamping is often misunderstood, but only because it’s a new word. Give it some time to enter the lexicon.

Q. Why are partnerships so essential in the Glamping world?

I don’t know if I’d say “essential”. You can definitely go it alone, but you’d really have to try at it, and why would you? We already live in a world that is, at its core, interconnected. Glamping rises on a tide of the sharing economy, of connectedness to environment, and a spirit of co-opetition. Partnering with sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, is practically essential for plugging into the source of the energy that’s driving the growth of glamping as an industry.

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