RVs and Glamping


Glamping thrives on the idea of experiencing the great outdoors without giving up on the luxuries of hotel accommodation. RVs can provide a perfect way to do just this, offering lavish interiors with all the amenities that you could ever want.

Due to Glamping’s growing success, along with a few other variables, RV sales have seen a resurgence in interest as people buy them to hire out and also use them statically on their Glamping sites. So , what do RVs have to offer for Glamping enthusiasts and site owners?

Recreational Vehicles

The appropriately named recreational vehicles are to vehicles what glamping is to camping. Built with luxury in mind, RVs allow people to travel the country without ever having to give up on the everyday necessities of home. And it’s not all about travel, many people are buying RV’s to place on their Glamping sites to rent out as static accommodation. The advantages of this is that bad weather will never be a problem. An RV will also, with the correct maintenance, last a lot longer than any canvas structure. On top of this, it’s arguably easier to get started as once you’ve got an RV, you’re ready to start renting it out, opposed to getting a canvas structure and having to deck it out with the amenities yourself.

When looking at the types of Rvs available, it becomes quickly apparent that there’s as much choice as with standard Glamping accommodation. Recreational vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Airstreams are becoming a mainstay at many sites across the Globe due to their relatively cheap price and iconic appearance. Once you’ve got one, you are free to decorate the interior however you’d like, allowing you to make sure that it stays in line with the theme of your site. And. Like everything else in life, there’s always a more expensive option, with some of the larger and more modern RV’s sporting price tags in the hundreds of thousands.

So if you are thinking about starting a site, or already have one but are looking for new accommodation, Rvs could be the answer.

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