Speaker’s Voice: Richard Otten, Glamping.nl

Richard Otten is the owner of the European website Glamping.nl. Richard is also a part time professor and researcher at the International University of Tourism (NHTV) at Breda, Holland. Richard will be talking about European Glamping trends at The Global Glamping Summit.

Q. What drives your passion and enthusiasm for the industry?

It is my passion to convince more people of a new form of holiday. In Europe, camping and campsites can have negative connotations for some. They think of a primitive form of holiday and therefore they choose a hotel- however, they miss out on the outside life. For me ‘Glamping’ is best of both worlds: the luxury of a hotel, in the middle of nature. Through our website www.glamping.nl we help people in Europe make the right choice for their first, and next glamping vacation.

Q. Do you think the term Glamping can be easily misunderstood? If so – why?

In Europe we see different forms of the definition, depending on the country. The UK has a similar approach as does the US, with France and Italy having a narrower version. Here glamping ONLY refers to a luxury tent (no mobile homes, no villa’s, no barns, etc.) Holland, Germany and also the Scandinavian Countries have a more broader approach towards the word glamping, but it’s still a smaller definition than the US.

Q. Why are partnerships so essential in the Glamping world?

I think it’s all about globalization. A glamping start up can hugely benefit from tools such as glamping.nl to connect with customers from afar. To approach the European market it is easier to work with just one marketing partner instead of targeting all the countries individually.

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