Why Invest in Glamping NOW?

Running a glamping business puts you in line for a share of a $1.3 trillion consumer market*, thanks to affluent millennials now hitting the best earning years of their lives. They have money to spend and they’re spending it differently to their parents.

The new consumers crave experiences in return for their hard-earned wages. They’re less interested in investing their money in high value cars or homes than previous generations and the idea of sinking funds into an expensive RV is even further down their priority list.

As a landowner, an activity park owner, an existing 
host, hotelier or someone dreaming of running a business you can put visitors closer than ever to the extraordinary outdoors. Team this with the comfort of travelling light to arrive for a luxury, unique accommodation experience and you’re offering a new world of travel.

But how do we take those very first steps? Is it as simple as finding land and pitching up? Learn more and meet passionate and innovative like minded individuals at this month’s Global Glamping Summit.

“98% of success comes from your environment, so are you hanging out in the right places with the right people? That is core to making your business goals come alive.”

Sarah Riley, Inspired Camping & Courses – Global Glamping Summit Partner

“Here at Glamping Hub we speak to 100’s of hosts every week, but we learn so much more when we get to meet with our owners and operators face to face.  That’s why events like the Summit, where you get to actually meet your peers, are so important.”

Ruben Martinez, Glamping Hub – Global Glamping Summit Partner

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*As quoted in an article published by The Columbus Dispatch, April 2018.