American Glamping Association to launch at California Summit!

The newly formed American Glamping Association (AGA) will be formally launched at the Global Glamping Summit in California! Our friends at International Glamping Business interviewed Ruben Martinez and Sarah Dusek, who are leading the AGA and are also keynote speakers at the upcoming California Summit. We share some highlights below – if you want to know more about the AGA grab a ticket to the Global Glamping Summit California to find out first hand!

The full interview is part of a USA special issue, so if you’re seeking inspiration open it up! Turn to page 18 for the AGA interview.

Q. You announced the new Glamping Association at the Denver Conference – what can visitors to the California Summit expect to see 6 months on?

Sarah: The formal launch of the Association! We are now just about ready to start receiving applications for membership to really spearhead the acceleration of the association. Gaining members is now what we’re ready for!

Q. What issues are uppermost for the association?

Ruben: The idea is that we want to tackle the standardization gap in the glamping industry. Currently, because of the high growth of glampign in the US, there exists a need to provide business owners with the tools and resources so that they can provide a consistent experience for their guests. This will keep their guests coming back and help move the industry forward as a whole. As well, often new business owners can feel like they are taking on this endeavor on their own and our goal is to connect operators at all stages to the tools and resourcs that will help elevate their business.

Sarah: I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Q. What benefits can an association member expect to receive?

Ruben: The members will have a variety of benefits that will be centred around education and netowrks. Memberswill have access to member only tools and resources such as blog / podcasts / newsletters etc. We will also be prviing an accreditation process that new and existing owners can go through and attain. This will verify that they are in line with the high expectations of the US glampign community.

Sarah: initially our first members will also play a significant role in shaping the association, in helping us set the standards we all want to adhere to and will play a very strategic role in developing the association.

Q. Who else will make up the association team?

Sarah: Currently the board consists of Robert Frish (from Firelight Camps), myself, Ruben and David Monkman (who is the Director of the Financial Investment Group at the private equipment company National Community Development Fund, following more than 15 years of economic development consulting). Drew Rhamy is also on the ground here in Denver supporting our efforts for the AGA.