Speaker’s Voice: Nash Abdrabo, Huttopia

Q. What drives your passion and enthusiasm for the glamping industry?

Travel and tourism is such a large industry with endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your next vacation. It offers a plethora of traditional hotels and resorts for one to break away from their day-to-day. Most people don’t think of glamping as an option. While it continues to gain awareness and popularity, it offers a secluded getaway in the heart of nature — a way to truly disconnect! Glamping comes with many benefits to those looking for some rest and relaxation, but its prevalence is still not as widespread as traditional resorts.

Glamping still has a long runway for growth. It’s like the hidden gem of

vacations! Being a part of this industry allows me to drive awareness and to continue to create opportunities for resort-style, affordable vacations in breathtaking settings. It’s fulfilling!

Q. Do you think the term glamping can be easily misunderstood? If yes, why?

Absolutely! Most people think of glamping as camping, with some added flair. People don’t realize the benefits of glamping. Glamping removes all the preparation and expertise required to set-up a camping trip. Travellers just pack their clothes, and all the rest is taken care of! Glampers can sleep in spacious tents with real beds while breathing fresh outdoor air. Lights, bathrooms and showers are all luxuries in camping that people don’t realize come with the experience.

Above all, glamping connects travellers to nature while preserving it. Glamping is eco-friendly. Sites are not torn down to create campgrounds. They’re protected and maintained. It’s a green activity!

Q. What are you looking forward to about joining the Global Glamping Summit California?

To meet and connect with like-minded people. You don’t normally bump into someone in the glamping industry. It’s a great opportunity to network and get to know others in the industry who share the same passions and excitement for glamping.