After two sell out events (one in Denver, one in California) we recognise the need in the outdoor tourism industry to share, learn and solve your business challenges in an interactive and engaging format.

Our mission is to provide a fantastic line-up of speakers who are running fantastically successful outdoor tourism businesses. Join our next Global Glamping Summit to learn about all aspects of setting up and running your own business. Topics covered include:

  • Regulations and standardisation
  • Successfully running a seasonal business
  • Marketing & exposure for your site
  • Latest and emerging trends
  • Hospitality and customer service
  • Learnings from other tourism sectors

To make it accessible and relevant for all, the Global Glamping Summit agenda splits into two distinct channels:

EXPLORATION AND CREATION – for those starting out

Equip yourself with the tools to make those early, difficult decisions. How do I navigate the permissions process? What financial tools could be available to me? How on earth am I going to market and get people to my property? Have I considered every possible scenario of what could go wrong? Or do I just need a little encouragement and inspiration to take the final step and sign on the dotted line? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

GROWTH AND INNOVATION – for operators looking to scale

Whether your glamping business is newly established or has been running for a while, there is always plenty to learn. How do you hire, train and retain the very best staff? How do you add that next level of ‘glamp’ to what may already be a perfectly working business? Is growth on the cards? Hear from industry leaders who have measurable and valuable case studies to share.
We’re currently building our line-up of experienced glampsite owners, experts on policy and legislation and innovators in tourism and glamping for the California Summit. If you want a taster of what to expect see our Homepage for speaker highlights from the Denver Summit back in April.

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