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Reliable Tent and Tipi in Billings, MT has been constructing canvas tents since 1945. Throughout each generation of ownership, we have believed Montana to be a wonderful place to live and work. We have always taken great pride in our rugged Montana heritage. Thanks to the contributions of many long-term employees, several with over 20 years’ experience, our ongoing company commitment to quality and service stands without question.

Today, we manufacture a variety of Wall Tents, Glamping Tents, Indian Tipis and Specialty Tents. We have advanced manufacturing techniques that allow us to customize tents to fit your specific needs. As with all Reliable products, strict attention is paid to selecting the finest materials for the job, with a sharp eye and pencil focused on providing unsurpassed value. You can be assured of our commitment to your satisfaction. Extreme weather conditions, severe environments and comfort-minded individuals put our tents to the ultimate tests. Today Reliable products meet the challenge as evidenced by the great proportion of return customers we enjoy. Our Glamping designs come from years of working with resorts, ranches, and private owners to provide a truly unique glamping experience. There are many options available to help our clients realize their own personal glamping vision.

At Reliable Tent & Tipi, our years of experience and commitment to quality are coupled with a view of the future. As modern materials develop, we incorporate them into our products only when demonstrated they provide a distinct improvement. You will find the latest technologies along with components used in tents for over 100 years. You get the best of both worlds with a Reliable tent.

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