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Stout Tent is a Veteran owned, full service tent company that manufactures, sells, and rents tents. Additionally, a large focus of Stout Tent’s business is producing Glamping Events. Working with a very diverse range of clients, from  weddings to corporate events to multi-day music festivals, we are highly skilled and experienced, offering the ability to design a service that provides unique and comfortable accommodations stress free for our clients.

Being makers has allowed our client’s dreams and visions to come true. We’ve manufactured custom tents to meet our client’s needs, delivered custom shade structures, awnings, and branded gear. We want our guests’ stay to be memorable and comfortable, which is why we offer a large array of options to enhance package offerings, including Heaters, Bathroom Suites, Lounge Tents and more.

We are experts in long term setups, and offer wholesale solutions for pop-up boutiques and up and coming Glamping Businesses.

Glamping isn’t just a fly-by-night business for us. We live and breath these tents. At Stout Tent, we’re family, and everyone we work with becomes family too. Let’s design, build, and work together.


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