International Glamping Business Welcome

When we started International Glamping Business magazine, we encountered a thirst for knowledge
from people setting up their dream businesses.

They wanted to know everything from what kind of accommodation to choose, how to present it, through to marketing to the public. They also wanted to know whether running a glamping business could give them the work/life balance that they aspired to.

Despite the wealth of wonderful images of glamping locations on the web, there is very little practical information on the basics of setting up a site, especially when it comes to providing luxuries such as bathrooms, or electricity in remote locations – or even off-grid. Making mistakes at the planning stages can be hugely costly and could even break a business.

We have spoken to hundreds of glamping operators all over the world about what works for them, how they have overcome challenges in their locations, budgets and guest relations in order to truly maximize their USP.

This first ever Global Glamping Summit will give delegates a fantastic opportunity to hear about what has worked for glamping operators in other parts of the world and how these ideas can be adapted to the US market.  We look forward to sharing some inspirational stories with conference delegates, highlighting the different trends that are emerging worldwide and illustrating how successful businesses can be created to suit the lifestyles of those running them, while delighting the guests who stay.