Glamping Hub Welcome

We are thrilled to be a part of the first ever Global Glamping Summit in the USA. Glamping Hub’s mission is to make “where you stay, why you stay” and bringing this mission, and our passion for the outdoors, to current and aspiring glamping business owners is something we’re looking forward to.

Glamping Hub is the world’s leading online booking platform for unique accommodations in nature. Since launching in 2014, almost 15,000 properties have decided to join the Glamping Hub community of guests and hosts. With more signing up each day, we now offer glamping
sites on every continent except Antarctica. We handpick all our listings, to ensure an immaculately tailored collection of properties, and to maintain consistency and the highest standard of accommodation for our guests.

The Global Glamping Summit will be an opportunity for all those involved to learn what glamping means in different countries, what the key ingredients are for success and discover ideas and innovations that have transformed the industry around the globe. We can’t wait to meet and learn from the best in the business.