Inspired Camping & Courses Welcome

This is an exciting time as after years of requests there’s finally going to be a Global Glamping Summit in the USA for business owners and dreamer to use to gather the information they need to launch their glamping business into this dynamic industry.

I am based in the UK, but many of my students who want to learn about running this type of business come from Australia, New Zealand and America. Many ask if there’s a glamping business event in their own country, for networking, sharing inspirations, learning about the market and getting their individual questions answered. That’s why it’s the perfect time for this summit to be held in the USA.

The innocent tourist has been having a hard time in recent years, with travel restrictions, terrorist attacks, political turmoil and the economic melt-down, all leading to increasingly nervous travellers who are choosing to stay closer to home. At the same time, we have seen the phenomenal growth of booking sites such as Glamping Hub and Airbnb, which have opened up the vacation options available to them while also highlighting the benefits that a glamping holiday can bring. Specifically, that it allows them to enjoy everything camping has to offer without any of the hard work, while also enjoying the comfort and luxuries similar to a 5-star hotel. This has led to the recent growth in the glamping industry and has opened new doors for entrepreneurs who want to get involved with everything it has to offer.

I’m looking forward very much to taking part in the Global Glamping Summit and am excited about meeting new and aspiring glamping businesses in the USA who want to, “smooth the edges of roughing it.”