David Leventhal, Playa Viva

About David Leventhal, Playa Viva

David is a high energy entrepreneur with tremendous knowledge across many subjects including sustainable travel and hospitality, conservation, and community development.  He blends business savvy with a passion for social and environmental impact. He and his wife Sandra created Playa Viva which opened in 2009. 

The hotel has received many accolades not only for Best of Show Hospitality Design for the bamboo treehouse but also for the Regenerative Business practices of the hotel. His background is in Media and Technology.  This background makes David part storyteller and part innovator, which is realized at Playa Viva through experiencing a living innovative story that transforms the guests and local community. 

He is currently working on a project called Regenerative Resorts to provide Economies of Scale and sharing of Best Practices amongst independently owned properties dedicated to eco-luxury while promoting the highest levels of social and environmental impact in their ecosystems.  What drives him?  Making the world a better place for his two teenage children who will hopefully do the same for generations to come. He resides with his family including their loyal Australian Shepherd, Ceiba, in San Mateo, California.