Lily Fernandez-Kessel, Bison Peak Glamping

About Lily Fernandez-Kessel, Bison Peak Glamping

Lily Fernandez-Kessel is the CEO of Professional & Scientific Associates (PSA), a strategic communications and global event services company providing turnkey solutions for all types of events to the Federal and commercial space. Ms. Fernandez-Kessel assumed the role in 1989 and under her leadership, PSA has supported many Departments, Offices, and Agencies across the Federal sector. PSA has spearheaded communications campaigns of national significance, to include new NIH initiatives to reduce opioid abuse and increase minority health care access. PSA has also helped customers deepen international connections and launch program initiatives in post-conflict regions throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. PSA has managed a volume of up to 4,000 annual events, ranging in size from 15-person advisory committees to 15,000 attendee symposia and trade shows. They actively support events in nearly 90 countries worldwide. Ms. Fernandez-Kessel’s and her husband’s personal commitment to support service members of the United States’ military forces and first responders and their families, has led to expanding the mission of their non-profit to address the myriad of issues these individuals and families face.  Presently, the focus is to provide therapies to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Proceeds from the glamping resort will fund these programs.