Matt White, Flophouze

About Matt White, Flophouze

Matt has had a lifelong passion for recycling and repurposing! He and his father Steve, started Recycling The Past (RTP), an architectural salvage company, over 25 years ago. The pair have traveled across America recycling old buildings and homes. RTP is still going strong with locations in New Jersey and Texas and has been featured in a number of television shows, magazines, and other outlets.  Everyone from interior design enthusiasts to large companies such as Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren look to Matt to find the most unique pieces for their homes, offices and stores.

In 2012, Matt combined his experience in design with his inherent need to travel in order to pursue his next venture.  Flophouze began as sketch on a napkin at 37,000 feet and has become a popular destination in the Austin, Texas area.

Flophouze draws from Matt’s recycling past and is built from salvaged shipping containers.  Everything in the hotel is for sale, so guests can walk away with a unique souvenir from their visit and even the units themselves are for sale.  The hotel with soul has plans for expansion in the works and is currently constructing units available to anyone with a passion to create new from the old!