Rodrigue Colaianni, The Vatel Hospitality Management School

About Rodrigue Colaianni, The Vatel Hospitality Management School

Originally from France, Rodrigue lived in Venezuela, Chile and in the USA for the last 21 years. Rodrigue graduated with an MBA from the Montpellier Business School in France and a master’s degree of Commercial Engineer from the University of Talca in Chile.

His passion for travelling and cultural diversity coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit led him to found International Trainee Network, The Vatel Hospitality Management School of Los Angeles and Odyssey International Exchange, three companies specializing in Cultural Exchanges, Education, recruitment for the Hospitality industry and the mobility of young professionals.

Rodrigue is proud to help every year close to 2000 hospitality management students from all over the world in finding internships in 4- and 5-star hotels in the USA. Rodrigue has a successful track record in navigating the immigration laws, recruiting seasonal workers and educating the next generation of managers and leaders of the Hospitality industry