Teresa Raffo, Mendocino Grove

About Teresa Raffo, Mendocino Grove

Teresa Raffo founded Mendocino Grove with her husband, Chris Hougie, in 2016.

After earning an undergraduate degree in history and business from UCLA in 1988, Raffo took off to Asia to explore the continent, ultimately settling in Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese.  Once proficient in the language, Raffo moved to Nanjing, China, where she began a Chinese/American joint venture manufacturing toys.

Raffo met Hougie while at a Hong Kong toy convention in 1995 while representing her company.  After eight years of living in Asia, Raffo moved back to the Bay Area to be with Hougie.  Visionary entrepreneurs inspired by the connection between art and nature, the couple founded and became the creative force behind Cornerstone Sonoma, the popular, eye-popping installation of gardens on California Highway 121 that features a collection of world-class shopping boutiques, small wineries and tasting rooms, artisanal foods, and more.

In 2016, Raffo and Hougie acquired the property previously known as Mendocino Campground.  In less than a year, the couple fully restored the campground, adding luxury amenities throughout to create a comfortable and authentic outdoor experience. Mendocino Grove opened for its first full season in 2017.

A Bay Area native, Raffo currently lives in St. Helena, California with her teenage kids, Ethan and Ella.  While not working on the campground, she enjoys tennis, square dancing, and supporting people to be creative.