Why Visit

Why Visit the Summit?

Glamping is about offering glamorous, luxury experiences in breathtaking locations. Maximise the value of under-utilised land by making it a unique haven for visitors. You can easily team glamping with an existing activity park, vineyard, nature reserve, spa retreat (and many more) to increase your revenue.

Glamping, staycations, eco-tourism and wellness tourism are all on the rise across America and the trend is set to continue: make sure you’re not left behind.

What will you get from the Summit to set your business up for success?

LEARN how to grow profit for your business

At the summit you will learn from:

  • Expert speakers about industry tips, policies & regulations
  • Exhibitors about innovative products, solutions and exclusive discounts
  • Peers about what is working for them that you can emulate

SOLVE how you’ll stand out from competitors

Explore solutions to these pertinent questions at the Summit:

  • Who does your concept appeal to?
  • What can you offer that visitors won’t get anywhere else?
  • How do you reach those potential customers?

CONNECT, collaborate, conspire, cooperate!

As a business owner, connecting and collaborating with others is key to realizing the full extent of your potential. Connections at the summit will help:

  • Solve common problems to save you time & effort
  • Find unimagined and unexpected inspiration
  • Make life-long contacts, business partners and friends

Be connected with our global glamping community to share ideas, find your niche and run your business sustainably and profitably.

INSPIRE your creative vision for business growth

Find inspiration at the summit to:

  • Get guests to see beyond your usual business and embrace glamorous camping at your location
  • Emphasize unique visitor experiences via style, beauty and amenities
  • Attract high profit-margin luxury travelers in this growing segment

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